Do you fulfil the criteria and would you like to be included in the Topvrouwen database? After a short screening based on the admission criteria, you will be invited to draw up a profile and upload your CV. In preparing and sending your profile, you declare that you agree with the privacy statement. After registration, you can manage your own profile in the database.

Keeping your profile up-to-date

Access to the database gives you the opportunity to present yourself to leading executive board and supervisory board members. The more complete your profile in our database, the higher the chance of obtaining a good match in the searches by companies and institutions. Enhance your profile and continue to update it. This will increase the chance of an appointment.

You wish to be included in the database

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Do you have a number of years of experience in executive and senior management positions?
You can put down these positions on the registration form: executive, non-executive or senior management.

Do you have an understanding of complex organisations?
On the registration form you can specify the sector, together with some details of the organisation, such as whether it is a listed company, annual turnover and the number of employees.

Do you have experience of strategic decision-making processes?
On the registration form you can describe the experience you have of mergers and takeovers, reorganisations, stock market listings, etc.

Do you have experience in an executive or supervisory position and/or do you have an endorsement from an executive or supervisory board member?
On the registration form you can list any executive and/or supervisory positions you have held, or add an endorsement.

If you have not yet held any executive or supervisory position, an endorsement is essential in order for you to be included in the database. An endorsement is a short, substantiated recommendation supporting your inclusion in the Topvrouwen database. The endorsement must come from an executive or supervisory board member of a company that comes under the One-Tier Board Act [Wet Bestuur en Toezicht] or of a public or semi-public authority of a similar size.

If you do not meet all the above criteria, for example because you are an independent entrepreneur, you can e-mail your CV with information supporting your inclusion in the database. A consultant from will then contact you within a short time.