An equal balance

Companies, organisations and executive search firms that want to champion the cause of recruiting more women to top positions can consult the database. The basic principle for participating companies is that they should maintain an equal balance between male and female candidates on their longlists for executive and non-executive positions. stands for boardroom empowerment

We strongly recommend that companies and institutions use our database. It is a free tool that is helpful for boardroom empowerment, which supports your company in its long-term interests. You naturally want to recruit the best candidates, while also being mindful of gender diversity. With a few clicks you can tap into a large pool of carefully selected, talented and ambitious Top Women.

Who is it for?

The database on can be accessed by:

  • Executive and supervisory board members of companies that come under the One-Tier Board Act;
  • Executive and non-executive search agencies that are prepared to ensure that 50 per cent of all their longlists consist of women;
  • Other large organisations that have specific vacancies and need advice. They can first make contact and our consultants will consider how to support them with their queries or requests.


With a login code you can gain access to the database on Prior to this you have to:

  • Have given confidential access to the job profile for your vacancy;
  • Commit to ensuring that within three years 50 per cent of your longlist will be women;
  • Inform about the number of female candidates on the longlist and, in consultation, report on the appointment of the successful candidate.