stands for boardroom empowerment

The database brings together a collection of profiles of experienced and talented female executives available as candidates for a position on a board of directors or board of supervisory directors. The candidates are employed in a variety of sectors and all offer extensive managerial and practical experience.

Top female executive

Are you a talented, experienced topflight female executive and available for appointment to a board of directors or board of supervisory directors? In that case we would be delighted to include your profile in our fully renewed database via which board ready candidates can announce their availability for vacant senior positions in businesses and institutions. Make sure your up-to-date profile is featured on our database!

Renewed database

Our database was recently fully renewed, making it even more user friendly. Via the new database, your profile is available to not only the top 200 leading enterprises in the Netherlands but also the more than 4,700 companies subject to the Dutch Act on Management and Supervision (Wet bestuur en toezicht). The database is a useful, free tool for boardroom empowerment that provides support to businesses and institutions in satisfying their long-term interests. After all, they all wish to recruit the best candidates, and fulfil the standards of gender diversity. With just a few mouse clicks, they can access a huge pool of selected, talented, ambitious potential candidates.

Board ready

To guarantee the quality of the Topvrouwen database, inclusion is subject to the following specially formulated criteria.

  • Board/senior managerial experience;
  • Understanding of complex, large organisations;
  • Experience of strategic decision-making processes;
  • For those candidates who have not held a board or supervisory board position, commitment to obtain a personal endorsement.

For top female executives who do not yet satisfy these criteria, a separate registration procedure is available.

Call to all top female executives in the Netherlands calls upon all top female executives to step forward.

Even if you have no intention of joining the transfer market straight away, we would still ask you to register for our database. has a clear mission: to accelerate the growth in the number of female directors and supervisory directors. Many of the top female candidates featured on our database of hundreds of ambitious, board-ready women end up on longlists and eventually in the boardroom

Greater goal

Inclusion on the database is first and foremost a key step in your own career development, but at the same time every registration serves a greater goal: debunking the myth that there are ‘there not enough suitable women available for senior positions’. The power of numbers will make it impossible for group companies and (non) executive agencies to get away with not including at least half women in their longlists.


This makes your registration vital for the world of business in the Netherlands, even if you are not immediately available on the transfer market. Are you an (up and coming) top female executive or do you know a rising female star? Help change the still prevailing image: register now or pass on the link to