The members of the board of Stichting Topvrouwen [Top Women Foundation] are Marry de Gaay Fortman, Mariëtte Turkenburg, Sieto de Leeuw and Erik van de Merwe.

They are working hard to create an optimally functioning database of highly qualified top women that will help ensure greater progress of women to the top levels of companies. You can read here how they plan to achieve this.

  • “I was involved in diversity when the term did not even exist yet”
  • "My aim will have been achieved as soon as Stichting Topvrouwen has made itself superfluous. Companies will then have enough women on their longlists as soon as there’s a vacancy."
  • “The question of whether there are enough suitable women available should never again be asked”
  • "Companies that move with the times have plenty of time to put quality first when making appointments. Choosing women is a question of enlightened self-interest."