Topvrouwen.nl enhances the visibility of highly qualified women in the Netherlands. On this website, board-ready women register for the Topvrouwen.nl database. Companies as well as executive and non-executive search agencies can enter into contact with them directly.

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Do you have executive experience or extensive experience in senior management? Are you ready to take a new step and are you considering becoming a member of an executive board, supervisory board or supervisory committee? Show us that you are out there and tell us about your qualities.


Are you an executive or non-executive search agency on the lookout for female members for the executive board, the supervisory board or the supervisory committee? If so, we invite you to consult the database of topvrouwen.nl. There is no charge for doing this.

  • Best Practices:
    “You take a whole pallet-load of measures. For example, we have a leadership programme, a mentoring programme, a middle-management programme, a mobility centre, and the Amsterdam School with learning interventions. An important tool in achieving a...
  • Best Practices:
    “It’s about women learning to play the networking game without losing their unique characteristics.”
  • Best Practices:
    “I’m aware of the fact that as a female CEO, who also has children and has struggled with the combination of work and family, I don’t at all fit the traditional mould. Unfortunately, women in top positions are still quite the exception. I realise...
  • Best Practices:
    “The organisation is developing strongly. At first the attitude was conservative. Now the company is actively engaged in thinking about the issue and is showing commitment to having more women in higher positions. Seven male ambassadors have now...

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